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    How Long is ?

    Félix Suriel was able to show this exhibition held in the Galeria Tozzi located in the art district of Miami, the longer picture of the world called "The color of life".

    This long in the world ranked by some as the most work done by a single artist, with a length of 187 meters, composed of 729 different and consecutive works, dedicated to the environment, was filed on the grounds of the Galeria Tozzi, forming a maze of colors with the work in a 25,000-square-foot space, captured the attention of visitors from around the world gathered at Art Basel.

    According to statements of the Dominican painter, this work was initiated in 2005 and completed in 2008. "We are inspired by everything related to the environment, it is a work of great colorful and has caused much admiration among the visitors by this peculiar manifestation of art of unusual.

    The activity was organized by Urban Icon Studio of the Dominican Alan Solís; Tozzi Gallery of the italo-Venezuelan Gino Tozzi, and Costa Rican Esteban Guevara.

    Dominican Republic Flavor Fest at Jungle Island



    The Office of tourism of the Dominican Republic in the city of Miami performed the "Dominican Republic Flavor Fest", qualified activity of the most elegant and far-reaching held by Dominicans in Florida.

    Different personalities from the field of social, political, artistic and fashionable in this city attended the anticipated event, since in it the cultural and gastronomic riches of the Dominican Republic, through typical dishes, drinks, crafts, Visual Arts, fashion and their contagious music show.

    The "Dominican Republic Flavor Fest' was held at Jungle Island, where they staged a kind of Dominican with characteristics and customs people as they were: the typical country houses, Carnival vegan, a craftsman of tobacco, handicrafts of amber and larimar, a coconut vendor, a peanut vendor, a grower and a wallet with his donkey of lotteries, as well as a corner of Dominican fashion , parakeet shingle ' or, handicrafts of the Guillen brothers and Henry Chrysostom, of Neoarte with their wrists without a face among others.

    One of these finely decorated pavilions as country houses, Dominican painter Félix Suriel pictures were exhibited.

    Caribbean Rhythm at Lexus of Kendall



    This elegant exhibition, Suriel demonstrates maturity and skill not improvised, which has gained years of experience in the development of the color and the shape. This compendium is a discrete sample of his artistic ability.

    The stage of the exhibition will be the Lexus West Kendall Center, located at 13750 SW 136 Street, in this city, a centre which in recent years has become a support of the Latin American painters.

    Suriel covers different ways of understanding the art of painting. The most significant is the freedom and delivery to achieve the maximum expressiveness of the element environment in each box. Here we can see as you enter with a touch magical culture of its country by Perico Ripiao.



    Exhibitions of paintings of Felix Suriel agenda has been presented and the main Latino centers of Florida.

    Collective exhibition: "The Color of life", December 3, 2008, Tozzy Gallery, Miami, Florida.

    Solo exhibition: "Dominican Republic Flavor Fest", December 15, 2008, Jungle Island, Miami, Florida.

    Solo exhibition: "Caribbean Rhythm", November 14, 2008, Lexus of Kendall, Kendall, Florida.

    Collective exhibition: "Dominican artists", March 15, 2008, Sugart Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

    Collective exhibition: "Week of the Heritage Cultural Dominico American" from 22 to 29 2008 in the Cremata Fine Arts Building, in Miami Florida.

    Collective exhibition: "Memories", October 2007, Sugart Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

    Collective exhibition: "Urban Manifesto" in the Miami design District, 8 September to 8 December 2007, Miami Florida.

    Solo exhibition: "Fiesta de Palo", as of March 15, 2007, Sugart Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.

    Solo exhibition: in the event: The Flavor of The Hipanic Caribbean, September 22, 2006, in the Headquarter building of the company Burger King, Miami Florida.

    Solo exhibition: Second Dominican business fair, the 20 of July 23, 2006 at the Sheraton Mart Hotel & Convention Center, Miami Florida

    Solo exhibition: "Trajectory" December 9, 10 and 11, 2005. "

    Group exhibition "Exhibition roots Hispanic in homage to the week de La Hispanidad", Office of the Government of Puerto Rico, October 21, 2005, Coral Gables, Miami Florida

    Exhibition representing the Dominican Republic in the event Board Hispanic, in date 2 October 2005 at Bayfront Park, Miami Florida.

    Collective "Algo de Mi Tierra" The Miami Herald Lobby, One Herald Plaza, Miami, Fl. From 21 February 2005 until 25 February 2005.

    Individual "Sikaffy Interiors" 7221 SW 48 ST, Miami, Fl opening February 11, 2005.

    Collective "three artists and a identity" in the Latin Quarter Centre Cultural, Miami Florida. From January 27 2005 until 25 February 2005.

    Individual "Alborada and something else" in the halls of Dominican International Chamber of Commerce. December 10, 2004.

    In celebration of the "Hispanic Heritage Month" "Quisqueya La Bella", Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus. Miami, FL. October 27, 2004.

    In celebration of the "Hispanic Heritage Month" Juan Pablo Duarte Park, Miami, FL. October 7, 2004.

    Individual "colors music", held since March 26, 2004, with a duration of one month; in the Latin Quarter Centre Cultural, Miami Florida.

    Individual "celebration of the Dominican independence", held on 26 February 2004, in Miami-Dade Communitty College, North Campus, Miami Florida.

    Individual "celebration of the Dominican independence", held on 26 February 2003, at Miami Dade Communitty College, North Campus; Miami Florida.

    Individual "retrospective", held on 13 March 2002 at Milly coffee Bohemian Restaurant in Coral Gables, Miami Florida.

    painting live:


    Wine on Harvest Moon, September 15 2008, at The Deering State Foundation, At Cuttler, Miami FL., Felix Suriel, painter - René Rodríguez Soriano and King Andujar, writers.

    "Combination of the arts" event held within the activities of the Dominican-American heritage week, Sugart Gallery, February 22, 2007. Felix Suriel, painter - René Rodríguez Soriano, writer.



    Programme of activities of the season concert 2006-2007 of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música "Victoria Eugenia" de Granada Spain. 9 works of the artist were used.

    Fourth Edition of the Dominican USA shopping directory in 2006. Cover artwork: Altogether typical.

    Book of poems, "Musings of madman" of the Cuban-American Llismel Cabrero writer. Cover artwork: Violinist, May 2006

    Libro de Poesías, “Cavilaciones de loco” del escritor Cubano-Americano Llismel Cabrero. Obra de la Portada: Violinista, de Mayo 2006